The Tree House


STB 4 star self catering awardGreen tourism Award

Today’s wee adventure took us 10 minutes up the road to Duror, and onto our favourite beach locally, in Cuil Bay. The boys remembered summers past here with the Mirror dinghy sailing (where they first learnt to sail) and swimming in the cool waters!

Walked to the point, which took about 30 minutes, and on the way back we made a camp fire to cook sausages and burgers, using hot stones as the pan and fashioning tools and forks out of local birch twigs. Flat calm morning, sun bright and beautiful scenery once again, clear air for miles around.

As we were packing up, a huge Otter slinked out of the sea, just 20 yards from where we were sitting, and was heading up to the fresh water burn to clean itself, until the shouts of ”back here Bessie” (our dog) awoke its senses to the fact he wasn’t alone on his way to his early morning wash, and he scampered back into the building surf! Amazing to see one so close and brazen, always one of my favourite wild animals on these coasts.