The Tree House


STB 4 star self catering awardGreen tourism Award

In light of allowing Jules and I a short bedding in period to understand the business, the decision whether to include a Guest Welcome Pack has been slow to conclude. Doing nothing seems very unpersonal and could leave guests feeling less than welcome, especially when arriving after a long journey. Secondly many of our guests are celebrating anniversaries, honeymoons or birthdays, and again doing nothing seems very unimaginative and less than welcoming. How would we like to be greeted on arrival? Would a small gift go a long way, or would a large hamper full of local delicacies be perceived as over the top, and cynically felt that the guests had paid for it in inflated rentals.

So we came to the conclusion that something was better than nothing. But the dilemma was what could that something be?

Mum has been leaving Nevis Bakery cakes as a wee offering and this has been appreciated by most.

But we have finally landed what we feel is suitably unique and quirky to match the Treehouse Accomodation itself.

This will be launched later in January as stocks arrive, but in the meantime here is a wee taster……CLICK HERE