The Tree House


STB 4 star self catering awardGreen tourism Award

GREEN TOURISM is all about protecting the environment, respecting local cultures, supporting communities, conserving natural resources and minimising pollution.

By choosing to book with us means you are supporting a business that is positively working towards being sustainable.

The very construction of this eco-home is based on ecologically sound building principles wherever possible. The use of concrete has been used minimally, because of its production involves high carbon emissions, and the buildings footprint is ‘light’, giving the impression that it is floating in the air. The building’s low-carbon construction framework utilises Scottish Douglas fir, the walls are insulated and filled with eco-friendly Warmcel insulation, which is composed of shredded newspapers, and the wood burner uses timber from the grounds. The external walls are lime-rendered, allowing the house to ‘breathe’ and the roof is made of hand-cut recycled Ballachuilish.

Kinlochlaich has gained the highest standard – GOLD –

  • Sustainable business practices are at the heart of the business with a number of excellent measures in place with lots of ideas being developed going forward.
  • Excellent community involvement, more LED’s, complimentary refurbishments, great guest information and a dedication to local and fair trade supplies to guests.
  • A green action plan is created, with relevant timescales and outcomes.
  • Water is sourced from a local spate burn, and cleaned and filtered to meet regulatory requirements.
  • IMG_0908Fuel for wood burners sourced from storm damaged branches and sustainable woodland management on the Estate.
  • Wildlife is in abundance in the vicinity, and we provide a Nature diary in the Treehouse to log any sightings and findings. The local flora and fauna is diverse, with many habitats within a few miles walk of the Treehouse. The new cycle-way hosts an abundance of plant species , the seashore and coastal areas teeming with sealife, and the mountains surrounding host buzzards, eagles, deer and livestock.
  • Waste is recycled where possible, and provision is made for guests to recycle.
  • As this is an on-going committment, several recommendations made in the audit report are being implemented where possible.


At Kinlochlaich we try to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment, and we continue to strive to live and work in a sustainable way.

We undertake to:

  • comply with any relevant environmental legislation and follow good practice guidelines
  • reduce the use of energy and other finite resources
  • reduce the amount of waste and re-use or recycle wherever possible
  • minimise pollution by continually evaluating possible emissions
  • seek to learn and improve from training schemes aimed at reducing waste, carbon reduction and also accessibility issues for the less able.
  • promote local businesses and utilise local suppliers where possible, which aim to also reduce the impact on the environment
  • raise awareness, learn from¬†local initiatives,¬†and seek ways to improve wider sustainable business practices